HP9885 8" floppy unit

From: SPC <spedraja_at_ono.com>
Date: Sat Apr 5 06:34:00 2003

Hello, Robert:

> Unless an optional board is installed, the wide Centronics-like connector
> SCSI. It's pretty easy to tell if it's in there, it lives on a set of
> standoffs right behind the connector, and the ribbon cable moves from the
> mail board to it.

Mmm.. yes, below the connector appears a legend "SCSI-HP IB".
My doubts come from this.

> BTW, a 380 can be upgraded to a 385 (33 MHz) with a osc change (socketed!)
> and a jumper moved. The '040 in mine has no trouble running at 33MHz, and
> just picked up 16MB of RAM for it (Thanks, Jim!).

Is good to know it :-)
But, being practical, I approach to ask you about another two matters:

* What model of graphic screen can I use with the 380 ? I should like to
about one (or more) model with all its identificacion data to search it in
or some reseller.
* What model of serial terminal or screen can I use with the 380 to plug
the RS-232 port of this computer ? Same than previous.

(Of course I accept all reasonable offer from somebody in Europe. This
one GPIO board)

Thanks and Greetings
Best Regards
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