New to list - with a DG/UX question

From: r. 'bear' stricklin <>
Date: Mon Apr 7 17:02:00 2003

On Saturday, April 5, 2003, at 09:00 PM, Alan Greenstreet wrote:

> I am new to the list joining you from New Zealand.

Welcome. I hope you have the patience to endure with the long-winded
off-topic tirades that we seem doomed to repeat endlessly.

> The Aviion came without any OS or media - my searches have lead to the
> conclusion that this unit will only run DG/UX and nothing else.

If it's an m88k machine, your conclusion is accurate. Folks have been
working on porting NetBSD to the AViiON family, but I doubt it's far
enough along to be anything but frustrating at this point.

> Well... a copy of DG/UX 4.0 arrived in the post yesterday and I have
> been trying to get things moving ever since.
> Does anyone on the list know if I can boot the OS from CD. My CD drive
> is recognised (ID3) but I get nowhere.

Yes, you can boot the OS from CD. It would be helpful to know what you've
tried, and what error messages the system is generating.

If 4.0 came before 5.4, it may be too old for the 8500, but I'm not sure
that either is the case. It's on CD so it can't be THAT old.

I've only played with stuff in the 5.4R3 era. It's possible that "DG/UX
4.0" is a marketing designation for what would've been 5.4R4, a la the
situation with SunOS 5.7 and Solaris 7.

Another possibility is that the CD you have only contains support for IA32
AViiON systems.

> Would copying the CD to tape be a better option?


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