WS-FTP and the AssHoles at Ipswitch

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Date: Mon Aug 25 16:13:00 2003

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>Sorry, that sucks.. Some companies require address information for online
>purchases to reduce fraud. They check the billing address against the
>address on the credit card. That's what I've heard, at least.

   I've seen some that do that to but these people billed it without
question. It wasn't till I wanted replacement software that they checked it
and objected.


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>Subject: WS-FTP and the AssHoles at Ipswitch
>> I've run into a problem with a software company called IPSWITCH that I
>> thought the rest of you might like to know about before you have any
>> dealings with them.
>> As some of you already know the hard drive in my PC crashed a couple of
>> weeks ago. One of the programs that I lost was fully licensed and
>> registered copy WS-FTP that I had purchased on-line only a week before
>> IPSWITCH. I did manage to recover the registration information along with
>> the Proof of Purchase message from IPSWITCH. On the 20th, I contacted
>> IPSWITCH's customer support via their website and asked for replacement
>> copy of the program and gave them all of the required information. That
>> almost a week ago and I never heard back from them. This morning I called
>> them and asked about the replacement program. They said that my program
>> been de-activated for FRAUD and that I would have to buy a replacement
>> copy! Their policy clearly says that they will provide support and a
>> replacement program for up to one year and since I only bought this
>> on the 13th of this month, I told them that there was no way that I was
>> going to pay for a replacement copy and was entitled to a free
>> They said that because I'd failed to provide my street address FOR THE
>> ON-LINE PURCHASE that they had revoked my registration! As you all
>> realize, there's absolutely no reason for them to require me to provide my
>> street address for an electronic purchase. The only possible reason that
>> they would need that would be in they intend to sell my address to the
>> junk-mail services. I asked about this and the representative got evasive.
>> I asked to talk to their manager and was given the run around. I left a
>> message for the manager to call me and none ever did. I've also called
>> again this afternoon and again the manager "was not available". Again I
>> left a message for the customer service manager to call me but I still
>> haven't recieved a call and I doubt that I will.
>> I would strongly advise anyone NOT to do business with this company!
>> only do they fail to deliver the support that they say they will but they
>> also don't bother to reply to e-mails or phone calls. In addition, it
>> appears that they WILL re-sell their customer's personal information to
>> junk-mail services and I would have to assume to any others such as
>> SPAMMERS and telephone silicitors as well. As for me, I'm going to contact
>> my credit card service and have them retract my payment to IPSWITCH and I
>> will never do business with them again!
>> Joe
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