Is there such a thing as a ZIF socket for PLCC chips?

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Tue Feb 4 14:23:31 2003

Rumor has it that Ethan Dicks may have mentioned these words:

>I am needing to burn PLCC-packaged chips in my DIP programmer. I
>expect I need to locate a PLCC<->DIP adapter of the right size
>(for 29C010 and 28F101 Flash chips, at the moment). Thinking about it
>made me wonder if any of the sockets were ZIF or LIF.

They're out there...

>Any ideas? Any recommendation on a source for adapters?

Some of the least expensive adapters I've found (including the least
expensive programmers & SMD rework stations I've found) but still by no
means "cheap" would be Xeltek -- Had decent luck with my
refurbed programmer that was <$200 and will do up to 4Mbit [Flash|EP]ROM
devices, as well as PAL/GAL/PEEL/ATMEL etc...

Their PLCC sockets range from $130 -> $185 (I'd seen 'em as high as $325,
so that's a *bargain*... ;-) )

Roger "Merch" Merchberger

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