Collecting, Hacking and the Spooks (was: Gulf War, dummies, ...)

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Feb 4 14:47:00 2003

At 10:15 PM 2/3/03 -0500, R. D. Davis wrote:
>Like many others on this list, I had to sign up for Uncle Sam
>Screwge's draft at the local post office, but at least now I'm too old
>to have to go. Sorry that he and 'W'easelboy's daddy snagged you into
>the gulf-war as one of their experimental guinnea pigs. Hopefully you
>won't get called back into part II of the Bush/Hussein family feud.

   I'm sure that some of you will consider this off topic but I couldn't let this pass unchallanged.

  Unlike some of the people on this list, I didn't wait to be forced into the military service. I volunteered five days after I graduated from high school. I also volunteered for service in VietNam. In 1991 I was working for Martin Marietta on the AH-64 Apache helicopter program (TADS/PNVS) and I volunteered for the Gulf War as a civilian contractor supporting the US Army in it's forward bases. I'm sorry if you had to be forced to sign up for "Uncle Screwge's draft" and feel that you were "experimental guinnea pigs" but I saw what was happening in the middle east and I felt that I and the rest of this country had to stand up and fight injustice and terrorism and I dammed sure don't feel like a dummy for doing it!

   Joe Rigdon
   Ovideo, Florida
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