Request for help with a PDP 11/73

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Wed Feb 5 22:08:01 2003

> wrote:

> I just bought a PDP 11/73, but
> unfortunately UPS dropped it
> on the way. So I am trying to
> what ever documentation and
> diagnostics that I can locate
> to figure out how badly it was
> damaged.
> The mounts for the tape drive and
> disk drive were broken as well as
> all of the external plastic.
> The machine powers up and goes through
> some self diagnostics, stopping with the
> LED's reading "01". The disk drive stays
> quite and unlit, my conclusion was that it
> appears dead.
> I am looking for any help that I can get.
> TIA,
> Dave Chu

Jerome Fine replies:

Unfortunately, my personal experience with a PDP-11/73
is that a complete system is now less expensive than the
repairs that you mention. If you know the part numbers
for the individual boards, then popular ones might be
easy to replace. But I have found that a complete system
comes along every so often - usually at a reasonable price
if you are patient. If this was a BA23 box, then it should
not be too difficult to find another one in the US.

A dropped disk drive usually has problems.

On the other hand, UPS does NOT have a good reputation
of being responsible for damage of any sort. Was the shipment
even insured? And for how much? Reply off the list if you
want to keep that part private!

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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