HP-85 Error 74 stall

From: RHahm <rhahm_at_nycap.rr.com>
Date: Thu Feb 6 15:03:01 2003


I am the proud new owner of an HP 85. Printer belts a little ratty but works

However when I attempted to Rew/Load/Cat any of the tapes I received with it
I got a stall error.

I cleaned the capstan which is intact, and did not fall apart, as I
understand they tend to do. The tape motor spins fine when I pressed the
tape sensor button inside and hit Rew.

Finally after a bunch of attempts the tapes began to spin and I could
perform the Load, Cat and Ctape operations. I still seem to get fairly
frequent stall errors however. Do you think I need to replace the capstan?
Can you get them (or the printer belts)anywhere, or should I use the silicon
aquarium tube method mentioned in the archives? Any other thoughts

Eventually hope to hook it up to a floopy drive but need to find a mass
storage rom.

Also do you know of any good resources on the web for the 80 series as I
haven't found a whole lot.


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