HP-85 Error 74 stall

From: Mike <ipscone_at_msdsite.com>
Date: Thu Feb 6 16:04:00 2003

I have fixed a lot of stall problems by just working with connections. I
believe stall is just what it suggests. Command sent to turn motor but it
won't turn. Could be mechanical blockage or contacts or lack of power.

I have fixed stall conditions by just reseating the connections. An
example that shows this is if you just disconnect the power connector to
the disk drive (two pin connection), you get a stall. After repairing
these drives, I have occasionally forgetten to make that connection and
get the stall.

Hope this helps.

> Hi,
> I am the proud new owner of an HP 85. Printer belts a little ratty but
> works fine.
> However when I attempted to Rew/Load/Cat any of the tapes I received
> with it I got a stall error.
> I cleaned the capstan which is intact, and did not fall apart, as I
> understand they tend to do. The tape motor spins fine when I pressed
> the tape sensor button inside and hit Rew.
> Finally after a bunch of attempts the tapes began to spin and I could
> perform the Load, Cat and Ctape operations. I still seem to get fairly
> frequent stall errors however. Do you think I need to replace the
> capstan? Can you get them (or the printer belts)anywhere, or should I
> use the silicon aquarium tube method mentioned in the archives? Any
> other thoughts appreciated.
> Eventually hope to hook it up to a floopy drive but need to find a mass
> storage rom.
> Also do you know of any good resources on the web for the 80 series as I
> haven't found a whole lot.
> Thanks,
> RH
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