Emulated Peripherals

From: Brian Knittel <brian_at_quarterbyte.com>
Date: Sun Feb 16 15:50:01 2003

I was sort of shocked to see snide remarks directed at the guy
who posted a (well, blatantly commercial -- but let's pass that
by for now) message about his company's legacy emulation

First, most people who are still using classic/legacy hardware in
their business aren't doing it because they think it's fun, or
cool -- they're trapped, and a bit foolish. Given the expense,
limited support, and general unreliability of the stuff, it's
hard enough to justify using even the CPUs for mission critical
operations, but absolutely senseless to keep using classic
storage devices when they can be using modern, available,
interchangeable, reliable replacements. Their goals are different
than ours. Our is to play with the stuff for the enjoymment of
it, to preserve it, to teach people about it. Most businesses
have no -- um, business -- letting these motives dominate their
need for security and stability.

Second, it's pretty damned presumptuous to assume that these
folks have any less appreciation for the old technology than we
do. They're keeping this stuff going, keeping it at work, and
getting paid a fair price for it. Bully for them.

Third, does it make sense to offend the people who are first in
line to help find new homes for classic gear when it eventually
gets completely decommissioned?


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