Emulated Peripherals

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_panix.com>
Date: Sun Feb 16 16:30:01 2003

On Sun, 16 Feb 2003, Brian Knittel wrote:

> I was sort of shocked to see snide remarks directed at the guy
> who posted a (well, blatantly commercial -- but let's pass that
> by for now) message about his company's legacy emulation
> products.

   I completely second this. The original post was respectful, the poster
knew that he was asking the List, and, speaking as someone who has
patronized commercial firms for needed parts to keep my own collection
going, I see nothing whatsoever wrong with someone who is deriving a
living from servicing and preserving legacy hardware posting a nice
message here.

  I too thought some of the replies were a bit 'huffy'...

  If Mentec posted here, would y'all jump down their throats? Howabout
RELCOM, who list stuff here frequently? They have a nice supply of
Unibus, Qbus, and other DEC peripherals at very reasonable prices, which
few here would know of, unless they mentioned it. NOt all 'commercials'
are spam, IMHO.

   I hope they don't form the wrong opinion.

 Just my 200 millidollar.


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