Emulated Peripherals

From: Eric Dittman <dittman_at_dittman.net>
Date: Sun Feb 16 16:33:01 2003

> First, most people who are still using classic/legacy hardware in
> their business aren't doing it because they think it's fun, or
> cool -- they're trapped, and a bit foolish. Given the expense,
> limited support, and general unreliability of the stuff, it's
> hard enough to justify using even the CPUs for mission critical
> operations...

This is an odd statement to make. I know of a lot of VAX and
PDP-11 systems that are still in use. They still do the job,
don't have any problems, and are still maintainable. There's
absolutely nothing foolish about still using something that
still works and still does the job. They aren't trapped, either,
as there are upgrade paths to newer systems, but spending money
on upgrades just because they are available is a Wintel thing,
and is foolish.
Eric Dittman
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