Emulated Peripherals

From: Jim Arnott <jrasite_at_eoni.com>
Date: Sun Feb 16 17:03:29 2003

I also had no problem with his message. Respectfully made us aware of
his company's services.

Ditto on the below comment. It seems to me that it was just last year
that Jet Propulsion Laboratory was scouring epay for pdp parts to keep
their space probes' data reduction gear running. IIRC there are quite a
few old DEC systems performing "mission critical" applications.
Seriously "mission critical."


Eric Dittman wrote:

> I know of a lot of VAX and
> PDP-11 systems that are still in use. They still do the job,
> don't have any problems, and are still maintainable. There's
> absolutely nothing foolish about still using something that
> still works and still does the job. They aren't trapped, either,
> as there are upgrade paths to newer systems, but spending money
> on upgrades just because they are available is a Wintel thing,
> and is foolish.
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