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From: Mike <>
Date: Sat Feb 22 12:48:00 2003

> Nobody wants war, but in case such as this... This war
> will prevent the deaths of millions. Not only by Iraq
> and Hussein, but by others in the future who will take
> this example to embolden themselves to do evil without
> fear of retribution.

So then why not demand that all countires with weapons of mass destruction
Why not start with those that have actually used them in the past.

> The penalty for breaking laws and rules must be swift
> and predictable. That's the only way for there to be a
> deterrent.

And not applied randomly. There are many other UN sanctions that are being
ignored or have been vetoed.

> Saddam Hussein can avoid the war in a minute. He
> simply can abide by the U.N. agreements, disarm
> himself of the illegal weapons and technology, and
> dedicate himself to making a good life for his
> countrie's citizens.

He claims to have done just that and the arms inspectors have not been able
to find anything. If the US has been concealing the evidence of this then
they are as guilty as he is.

> Why aren't there protests calling for all police
> forces to be disbanded? Using the same arguments that
> people are using against this war, if the police
> didn't carry guns or shoot criminals committing acts
> of crime, why... There'd be a lot less death in the
> world.

Because in most countries the police require proof before an arrest and then
there is a trial before an execution. The police do not stop you on the
street demand proof of your innocence claim you are lying and shoot you.
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