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From: Al Hartman <>
Date: Sat Feb 22 12:28:00 2003

> And you are also one of the people who think America
> is the one who should make the rules for everyone.
> *sigh* *shakes head*
> This country does many things of which I am ashamed.
> Anyone whose told me otherwise have never come up
> with any proof.
> Peace... Sridhar

Based on the off-list conversation we had, it's much
more likely you decided not to listen to the proof...

I've never said the the U.S.A. should make the rules.

But, how can you quibble with the concept that it's
wrong for a county to attack it's neighbors, or to
build up offensive weapons?

Or, to defy the United Nations when they order you to

The only way the U.S. figures into all of this, is
that it has the backbone that the U.N. does not have.
The backbone to back up it's own resolutions.

It's the same in international affairs, personal
affairs and in raising children...

When you make a threat, or set a condition upon
behavior, you have to follow through with the penalty
when the wrong behavior happens. Otherwise, you teach
that person (and others) that rules, threats and
responsibility are meaningless...

Nobody wants war, but in case such as this... This war
will prevent the deaths of millions. Not only by Iraq
and Hussein, but by others in the future who will take
this example to embolden themselves to do evil without
fear of retribution.

The penalty for breaking laws and rules must be swift
and predictable. That's the only way for there to be a

Saddam Hussein can avoid the war in a minute. He
simply can abide by the U.N. agreements, disarm
himself of the illegal weapons and technology, and
dedicate himself to making a good life for his
countrie's citizens.

He would have the added benefit of having the embargo
for sale of his oil lifted upon full compliance and
good behavior.

It's much more in his interest to do that, than the
course that he has chosen.

How can anyone disagree that what he is doing is sheer
madness? The guy can't live without fear of

His life must be desperate and awful. And all by his
own choice...

Putting attention on the U.S. or President Bush is
wrong. That's focusing on the wrong end of the

Why aren't there protests calling for all police
forces to be disbanded? Using the same arguments that
people are using against this war, if the police
didn't carry guns or shoot criminals committing acts
of crime, why... There'd be a lot less death in the

Just let the criminals alone....

In fact, how wonderful would it be for all the prisons
to be empty, and the courts to have nothing to do...

It's all the fault of those crazy police who capture
criminals for the fun of it. Because they LOVE to
shoot and hurt people...

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