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From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Sat Feb 22 13:45:00 2003

On Sat, 22 Feb 2003, Al Hartman wrote:

> > And you are also one of the people who think America
> > is the one who should make the rules for everyone.
> > *sigh* *shakes head*
> >
> > This country does many things of which I am ashamed.
> > Anyone whose told me otherwise have never come up
> > with any proof.
> >
> > Peace... Sridhar
> Based on the off-list conversation we had, it's much
> more likely you decided not to listen to the proof...

Based on the off-list exchanges we had, your "proof" was most likely
merely jingoistic non-sequiturs that Sridhar would have probably found as
stupid as I did.

> But, how can you quibble with the concept that it's wrong for a county
> to attack it's neighbors, or to build up offensive weapons?

Look, every time you open your mouth you contradict yourself. When will
you realize that everything you ascribe as the reasons for which we want
to go to Iraq, the US has committed the same? Are you seriously this

> It's the same in international affairs, personal affairs and in raising
> children...
> When you make a threat, or set a condition upon behavior, you have to
> follow through with the penalty when the wrong behavior happens.
> Otherwise, you teach that person (and others) that rules, threats and
> responsibility are meaningless...

This is typical of the mindset of control freaks: everyone else is a
child and must be punished if they don't do as we tell them. I consider
this deviant psychological behavior.

> Nobody wants war, but in case such as this... This war will prevent the
> deaths of millions. Not only by Iraq and Hussein, but by others in the
> future who will take this example to embolden themselves to do evil
> without fear of retribution.


> Putting attention on the U.S. or President Bush is wrong. That's
> focusing on the wrong end of the situation.

No it's not. It's in our power to change our President's ill pursuits
because we elected the bastard and we can take him down. He's OUR
servant, and our problem. Saddam Hussein is someone else's tyrant, not

> Why aren't there protests calling for all police forces to be disbanded?
> Using the same arguments that people are using against this war, if the
> police didn't carry guns or shoot criminals committing acts of crime,
> why... There'd be a lot less death in the world.

Simple: we are not the police force of the world.

Of course, logic eludes you, Al.

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