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From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Sat Feb 22 13:49:00 2003

Once again,


> I've never said the the U.S.A. should make the rules.
> But, how can you quibble with the concept that it's
> wrong for a county to attack it's neighbors, or to
> build up offensive weapons?

Who is currently planning to attack other countries?
Who has the largest buildup of weapons? (are there weapons that aren't

(even a PC is offensive to some people)

> Or, to defy the United Nations when they order you to
> disarm?

Who is planning to attack somebody else in defiance of the UN?

> The only way the U.S. figures into all of this, is
> that it has the backbone that the U.N. does not have.
> The backbone to back up it's own resolutions.
The backbone to defy the UN?

> Saddam Hussein can avoid the war in a minute. He
> simply can abide by the U.N. agreements, disarm
> himself of the illegal weapons and technology, and
> dedicate himself to making a good life for his
> countrie's citizens.

He CLAIMS to be doing EXACTLY that.
We don't BELIEVE him, but, ...
what burden of proof is called for?

> How can anyone disagree that what he is doing is sheer
> madness? The guy can't live without fear of
> assasination...

Neither can live without fear of assasination.

> His life must be desperate and awful. And all by his
> own choice...
Bush? or Saddam?

> Just let the criminals alone....
> In fact, how wonderful would it be for all the prisons
> to be empty, and the courts to have nothing to do...
> It's all the fault of those crazy police who capture
> criminals for the fun of it. Because they LOVE to
> shoot and hurt people...

Is your whole post a sarcastic joke, or not?
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