"Real Computers" (was Re: Trivia Question)

From: Philip Pemberton <philpem_at_dsl.pipex.com>
Date: Sun Feb 23 03:39:00 2003

Tony Duell wrote:
> Can you?
> What about :
> 30 pin SIMMs and/or SIPPs (I've not seen those listed for several
> years)
Me neither, and I need some 2MB 30-pin SIMMs for an old 386-based machine.
It's got 8x 1MB SIMMs fitted now, $DEITY knows how much it can take in
total, I'm guessing around 16MB. What I'd like to know is why it's reporting
8064K of RAM when it's got 8192K (8MB) fitted... I'm guessing the chipset is
stealing some system RAM for a CPU cache or something.

> PC/XT compatible keyboards. Heck, _any_ useful 8 bit ISA card
I want a keyboard with a buckling-spring mechanism (IBM "Model M" IIRC)

> 5.25" floppy drives
I've got one of those. A YE-DATA open-frame (no metal covers) drive out of
an old Packard Bell Legend 386.
Has anyone got an ISA slot riser card that plugs into an ISA slot and
provides three or more horizontal slots instead of one vertical slot?

>> One thing I'm slightly suprised about is that you're not claiming
>> that it's easy to service 'real computers' at the component level.
>> Of course,
> That is one definition of 'real computer' that I sometimes use :-)
Can you rework 8-layer PC motherboards then? <g>

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