"Real Computers" (was Re: Trivia Question)

From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Sun Feb 23 05:09:00 2003

 A good part of my collection are boards, chips, drives,
and other old equipment that is not easily available now.
 I think most collectors also have these, as well as a
second model of their most treasured computer in case
some part becomes no longer available.
 As a compulsive packrat I even have a stash of tubes
for the few remaining tube gear that I have. And also
in case I run across some nice audio equipment that
is missing tubes.
 I even carried around a kit of plugs, patches, glue,and
repair tools for years from the days when I was a Tire
repair man, until my ex forced me to abandon them
8 years ago. DAMN her disrespectful hide !!

Sipps are another problem. I had to buy some on EPay
a while back for my Grid 1520 since I could find no
source for them, altho I now have a pretty good lead and
have to stock up, because they will be virtually
impossible to find in a few years.

But all of that goes with the territory we stake.


On 23 Feb 2003, , Philip Pemberton wrote:

> Tony Duell wrote:
> > Can you?
> >
> > What about :
> > 30 pin SIMMs and/or SIPPs (I've not seen those listed for
> > several years)
> Me neither, and I need some 2MB 30-pin SIMMs for an old
> 386-based machine. It's got 8x 1MB SIMMs fitted now, $DEITY
> knows how much it can take in total, I'm guessing around
> 16MB. What I'd like to know is why it's reporting 8064K of
> RAM when it's got 8192K (8MB) fitted... I'm guessing the
> chipset is stealing some system RAM for a CPU cache or
> something.
> > PC/XT compatible keyboards. Heck, _any_ useful 8 bit ISA
> > card
> I want a keyboard with a buckling-spring mechanism (IBM
> "Model M" IIRC)
> > 5.25" floppy drives
> I've got one of those. A YE-DATA open-frame (no metal
> covers) drive out of an old Packard Bell Legend 386. Has
> anyone got an ISA slot riser card that plugs into an ISA
> slot and provides three or more horizontal slots instead of
> one vertical slot?
> >> One thing I'm slightly suprised about is that you're not
> >> claiming that it's easy to service 'real computers' at
> >> the component level. Of course,
> > That is one definition of 'real computer' that I sometimes
> > use :-)
> Can you rework 8-layer PC motherboards then? <g>
> Later.
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> Phil.
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