"Real Computers" (was Re: Trivia Question)

From: Philip Pemberton <philpem_at_dsl.pipex.com>
Date: Sun Feb 23 03:46:00 2003

Tony Duell wrote:
>> 3) Not just yes, hell yes!
> I haev tired and failed several times to get service data for Compaq
> machines.... How did you manage it?
I'd like to know that, too - I need a service manual for a Compaq Contura
420C laptop. Nice machine, a total pain in the a$$ when it's running Win95,
a nice machine when it's running Win3.1

>>>>> 3) Is it documented?
>> 1) Dunno, don't care. damn thing runs, don't it? Why do I need to
>> solder Athlons, anyway???
> Ah, there's the first difference. I am not always prepared to accept
> somebody else's ideas of what I need in a computer. Most of the PCBs
> in
> my PC have home-made mods done to them...
Why do you think I keep at least one machine around that has ISA slots

> Just try getting spares for most PC products today.
Me> "I need a PCI graphics card for my PC, preferably with an nVidia TNT or
Geforce chipset"
PCWorld salesdroid> *takes me to the shelf with the video cards, taking a
"short cut" through the new PCs
Me> "Those cards are all AGP"
Salesdroid> "AGP cards will fit in a PCI slot"
Me> "When AGP is about 4x faster than PCI and uses a different sized
Salesdroid> "Duh........"

Speaking of which, I still need a geForce2 card for this machine... I'm
stuck with a SiS 530 ATM ("It supports 3D"... "But it's faster to do
software 3D rendering")...

>> 3) Better than most PCs out there, and it's available free...
> Please point me to a free schematic for any Compaq computer...
Yes, please do :-)

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