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From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Sun Feb 23 05:10:01 2003

 I think it is totally unrealistic to expect to find a
schematic for any of the newer machines. I am
thankful when I can even find a user guide for them.

I In that respect Compaq isn't bad compared to most.
II was delighted to find an exploded parts diagram
for my Compaq LTE lite 4/33c. The whole thrust
of even the Compaq techs is simply component
replacement-board or part switching. It may not be
to our liking but that is the reality in this era.
 One of the reasons I liked IBM was their extensive
support files but to expect to find a schematic for
one of their newer machines is fantasy. Like
most companies their techs rely on FRUs to
repair machines. Even the name Field Replacement
Units suggest how their techs repair computers.

 Schematics are for the specialised field of computer
design and not necessary from their point of view.
"You want to replace a capacitor ? You must be joking.
That is a job for small-fingered oriental women"

On 23 Feb 2003, , Philip Pemberton wrote:

> Tony Duell wrote:
> >> 3) Not just yes, hell yes!
> > I haev tired and failed several times to get service data
> > for Compaq machines.... How did you manage it?
> I'd like to know that, too - I need a service manual for a
> Compaq Contura 420C laptop. Nice machine, a total pain in
> the a$$ when it's running Win95, a nice machine when it's
> running Win3.1
> >>>>> 3) Is it documented?
> >> 1) Dunno, don't care. damn thing runs, don't it? Why do I
> >> need to solder Athlons, anyway???
> > Ah, there's the first difference. I am not always prepared
> > to accept somebody else's ideas of what I need in a
> > computer. Most of the PCBs in my PC have home-made mods
> > done to them...
> :-)
> Why do you think I keep at least one machine around that has
> ISA slots fitted?
> > Just try getting spares for most PC products today.
> Me> "I need a PCI graphics card for my PC, preferably with
> an nVidia TNT or Geforce chipset" PCWorld salesdroid> *takes
> me to the shelf with the video cards, taking a "short cut"
> through the new PCs Me> "Those cards are all AGP"
> Salesdroid> "AGP cards will fit in a PCI slot" Me> "When AGP
> is about 4x faster than PCI and uses a different sized
> connector?" Salesdroid> "Duh........"
> Speaking of which, I still need a geForce2 card for this
> machine... I'm stuck with a SiS 530 ATM ("It supports 3D"...
> "But it's faster to do software 3D rendering")...
> >> 3) Better than most PCs out there, and it's available
> >> free...
> > Please point me to a free schematic for any Compaq
> > computer...
> Yes, please do :-)
> Later.
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