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Date: Thu Feb 27 11:53:00 2003

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Date: 02/26/2003 5:02 PM

> Too bad Timex dropped out of the computer buisiness, I liked the 2068. Still
> the C64 owned the game market and I ended up getting one a few years later.
> At least I learned to program on the 2068 since I had only a few titles for
> it.

Timex made some really bad choices when pursuing the US computer market.
Instead of simply producing a US version of the Spectrum (for which there was
already a ton of hardware and software available) they redesigned the TS2068
(nee TS2000). The resultant machine was (IMHO) far superior to the Spectrum,
but the delays, R&D expenses, and incompatibilities put Timex Computer Corp.
out of business.

The *up* side of all this was that an entire cottage industry was spawned to
support the orphaned TS2068. Users had their choice of several robust
FDD interfaces, serial and parallel i/o, tape storage devices, and other
peripherals, some of which is still sold and supported by the original

Just last night I obtained a TS2068 with a full size keyboard, CGA video
output, and RS-232 all built into the unit.

So, while I agree that it's a shame Timex didn't hang in there, I've gotten
a lot of benefit from all the creative juices that were flowing around the
TS2068 during the mid-eighties.

Later --

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