Free Wang PC in MD

From: Tom Owad <>
Date: Wed Jan 1 09:36:00 2003

This Wang sounds like it's been well taken care of. Email Bob

Bob's original messages (with HTML stripped):


I have a top of the line Wang computer complete with keyboard, monitor,
and daisywheel printer. I have numerous wheels and about a dozen tapes
for the printer. Our local authorities have scheduled a pickup for
obsolete and unwanted electronic and computer equipment on 13 January
2003. My wife insists I get rid of 'all' unused electronic gear, and I
hate to see my Wang in a landfill. Do you know anyone who would want it?
If so, please forward this message. I'm located in Salisbury, MD, and my
e-mail address is <>.


Happy New Year, Tom. Re my Wang: I do not find a model number but Wang's
literature calls it a Professional Computer. It was made in 1986 and
bears a serial no. PG3397. Its dimensions are: 26x16x5 inches. The
printer 's dimensions are 22x16x5. It is primarily a word processing
device, and Wang's Integrated Word Processing reference guide calls it
version 2.5. Other literature (Installation guide) refers to PC 300/33C
series. The computer is NOT IBM compatible. I have lots of descriptive
literature and instruction manuals.

Further, If anyone is interested in getting this computer and associated
equipment, and realizing Salisbury is in a somewhat remote area, I would
be willing to meet with a prospective owner in Easton, MD., or, depending
on weather, at one end of the Bay bridge. Further than that I'm unwilling
to drive. I'm going on 87 years of age, and not as adventure-some as I
was several years ago. I hope you can find someone who wants this device.
I had lots of fun with it, and I certainly don't want to see it end up in
a land-fill. Once more, Have a good 2003.


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