How many PDP-12's are there now?

From: Robert Krten <>
Date: Wed Jan 15 12:28:02 2003


all this discussion about PDP-12's has got me curious.

How many of them are there in existence?

It would certainly be interesting to get a list of machines and at
least city locations -- I'll start the list:

        Ottawa/ON/Canada (mine)

If anyone wants to send me info, I'll volunteer to collect and put it
up on my website (I won't put email addresses or other incriminating
evidence unless you want me to :-)).

The other interesting thing that this discussion begs is the topic of
(borrowed term) "biomagnification". It's from the environmental field,
and basically relates to how bigger animals get more than their "fair"
share of poisons because they eat smaller animals which have already
concentrated the poisons in their systems. I've borrowed the term because
lately what I've been thinking about is the accumulated collections of
people who are no longer interested in collecting -- in this case,
instead of just getting one or two machines at a time, you tend to
get "clusters" of machines -- hence "biomagnification" :-)

So... any collectors out there getting rid of PDP stuff? :-)


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