ADMIN: What if ClassicCmp were a blog?

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Wed Jan 15 23:10:02 2003

> > I hate having to log into web sites to post when I could have just sent
> > E-mail (likewise, I hate having to log in to read posts when they could be
> > mailed to me).
> That could be solved by saving a cookie on your machine (if you so choose).

With all due respect, yuck. There are many legitimate uses for cookies,
which have since been swamped by all the pathologic and invasive ones.

> > If both can be supported, fine, but I strongly prefer E-mail.
> Would you tolerate putting a special 8-character authentication code
> (automatically removed before delivery) into every ClassicCmp post to prove
> that you were you?

I would not be very happy about it, though I guess if it had to be done I
could live with it, but ...

> One of the things that prompted me to think about all this was the inherent
> spoofability of email. I feel a desire to find a way around it.

... I'm not sure if making list members go through complex gyrations for
this is the best approach, or what specific event prompted it.

This isn't a personal slam or anything, but so far in my opinion the new
list system has worked out well and I'm unsure why it needs to be 'fixed'
if it isn't (particularly) broken -- unless you and Jay know something new.

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