ADMIN: What if ClassicCmp were a blog?

From: Jeffrey Sharp <>
Date: Thu Jan 16 00:05:26 2003

On Wednesday, January 15, 2003, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> This isn't a personal slam or anything, but so far in my opinion the new
> list system has worked out well and I'm unsure why it needs to be 'fixed'
> if it isn't (particularly) broken -- unless you and Jay know something
> new.

No offense taken. I appreciate all the comments I've been getting so far.
Unless >=256 people say they like my idea, it is dumped. Like I said at the
beginning, it was just an idea. Exploratory. At this point, I'd still like a
dynamic web interface to *view* current list activity, but a full-on
blog/board-like system is out.

That still doesn't rule out having the data archive, marketplace, and
subscription management pages integrated under one username/password pair.
Worse case, I might write my own list manager. *That* might be an
interesting project.

I'm going to bed. I'll see how this thread develops after work tomorrow.

Jeffrey Sharp
Received on Thu Jan 16 2003 - 00:05:26 GMT

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