OT: Maxtor drive goes under

From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_stockholm.ptloma.edu>
Date: Wed Jan 15 23:29:54 2003

I believe Sellam was cursing at a Maxtor drive a couple months back, and
now I know why.

The 60GB ATA/133 DiamondStar in my Power Mac 7300 (connected through a Sonnet
Tempo Trio) this evening made several hiccup-like noises and the computer
froze up. On the next power cycle, it didn't spin up and just sat there and
clicked. I suspected stiction (well, I prayed it was stiction) and tried
reorienting it and a few gentle taps. On the next power cycle, it didn't even
click anymore and made occasional soft grinding noises, and now it doesn't
even do that.

So, I'm typing this on my Power Book 1400, which I guess will be my desktop
system for the time being.

Any suggestions for ways to get it to spin up, one last time? Anyone know
what happened? I thought it had been a power problem because it made some
sounds like this a few weeks ago and replacing the power cable did seem to
cure it, but I'm mystified as to why it would die so fast. The drive was not
especially hot and it has plenty of ventilation.

I guarantee you my next drive will not be a Maxtor.

Sorry for the OT -- just looking for any desperation suggestions before I
make a new hard drive platter wall clock.

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