Maxtor drive goes under

From: J.C.Wren <>
Date: Thu Jan 16 00:36:15 2003

        All drive manufacturers have particular models that have had problems. For
instance, you'd have to pay me a damn lot of money to stick anything that
says "Western Digital" in my systems. I've been running Maxtors for years,
and I recently had a 60GB D740X toast itself. First time ever. OTOH, I've
had WDs belly-up left and right. I used to be a big fan of IBM drives,
until the DeathStar 60GXP and 75GXP debacle. is a good place to get comparisons of HDs. And you
can contribute your experiences to the database. The database covers a lot
of drives, but was initially started because of the 60GXP and 75GXPs. IBM
was claiming there was no problem, the rest of the world proved them
horribly wrong.

        Personally, I'll stick with Maxtors. I've got 10 Maxtors HDs currently
spinning here (ranging from 27GB 5400 RPM to 80GB 7200 RPM drives), and this
D740X is the first bad one. And Maxtor has (or had) a damn good warranty.
There's been some talk about Maxtor and WD going from 3 year warranties to 1
year. Something about getting too expensive, since HDs rarely stay in
service 3 years (in the real world. Don't start talking here about how
we're all still running drives from the '70's yada yada yada. We're not a
real cross section of the market).


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> I believe Sellam was cursing at a Maxtor drive a couple
> months back, and
> now I know why.
> The 60GB ATA/133 DiamondStar in my Power Mac 7300 (connected
> through a Sonnet
> Tempo Trio) this evening made several hiccup-like noises and
> the computer
> froze up. On the next power cycle, it didn't spin up and just
> sat there and
> clicked. I suspected stiction (well, I prayed it was
> stiction) and tried
> reorienting it and a few gentle taps. On the next power
> cycle, it didn't even
> click anymore and made occasional soft grinding noises, and
> now it doesn't
> even do that.
> So, I'm typing this on my Power Book 1400, which I guess will
> be my desktop
> system for the time being.
> Any suggestions for ways to get it to spin up, one last time?
> Anyone know
> what happened? I thought it had been a power problem because
> it made some
> sounds like this a few weeks ago and replacing the power
> cable did seem to
> cure it, but I'm mystified as to why it would die so fast.
> The drive was not
> especially hot and it has plenty of ventilation.
> I guarantee you my next drive will not be a Maxtor.
> Sorry for the OT -- just looking for any desperation
> suggestions before I
> make a new hard drive platter wall clock.
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