OT: Maxtor drive goes under

From: Sellam Ismail <foo_at_siconic.com>
Date: Thu Jan 16 02:14:55 2003

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Cameron Kaiser wrote:

> I believe Sellam was cursing at a Maxtor drive a couple months back, and
> now I know why.
> The 60GB ATA/133 DiamondStar in my Power Mac 7300 (connected through a
> Sonnet Tempo Trio) this evening made several hiccup-like noises and the
> computer froze up. On the next power cycle, it didn't spin up and just
> sat there and clicked. I suspected stiction (well, I prayed it was
> stiction) and tried reorienting it and a few gentle taps. On the next
> power cycle, it didn't even click anymore and made occasional soft
> grinding noises, and now it doesn't even do that.

EEEEEEEK! I'd better finish backing up my files. I keep telling myself I
need to get this done, but I'm such the procrastinator. I hear the hiccup
almost every night I am on my computer. It seems to happen at a set time
almost. Odd.

> Any suggestions for ways to get it to spin up, one last time? Anyone
> know what happened? I thought it had been a power problem because it
> made some sounds like this a few weeks ago and replacing the power cable
> did seem to cure it, but I'm mystified as to why it would die so fast.
> The drive was not especially hot and it has plenty of ventilation.

I believe you are hosed, my friend. If you had important data (and no
backup) your option will be to send it to a data recovery house and hope
for the best. If it's recoverable, you're looking at $700-$1200. If not,
you'll in the very least pay an examination fee of around $70.

Let me know if you need suggestions for a data recovery place. There is
one local that I have used several times, and they have a better than 50%
track record with being able to recover my data.

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