Maxtor drive goes under

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Thu Jan 16 02:19:00 2003

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, J.C.Wren wrote:

> is a good place to get comparisons of HDs. And you
> can contribute your experiences to the database. The database covers a lot
> of drives, but was initially started because of the 60GXP and 75GXPs. IBM
> was claiming there was no problem, the rest of the world proved them
> horribly wrong.

Crapola. I hate having to deal with this shit. Is IBM offering a swap?
I bought this drive last Spring after I was hit by a virus. I still have
my receipt. I don't want to wait until this thing dies to have to go out
and spend another $80 (not to mention the countless hours of installing
and copying over files).

> Personally, I'll stick with Maxtors. I've got 10 Maxtors HDs currently
> spinning here (ranging from 27GB 5400 RPM to 80GB 7200 RPM drives), and this
> D740X is the first bad one. And Maxtor has (or had) a damn good warranty.
> There's been some talk about Maxtor and WD going from 3 year warranties to 1
> year. Something about getting too expensive, since HDs rarely stay in
> service 3 years (in the real world. Don't start talking here about how
> we're all still running drives from the '70's yada yada yada. We're not a
> real cross section of the market).

The Seagate ST-225 in my Apple Sider ][ hard drive is still going strong
after about 17 years of service.

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