Apple 1 schematics

From: chris <>
Date: Sat Jan 18 15:20:01 2003

In reading my copy of Collectible Microcomputers (yes yes, you all get it
by now, I like the book... ok, I'll stop refering to it after this)... I
noticed in the Apple Computer section a mention of how Apple's first
customers were the folks that got schematics for the Apple 1 when it was
first shown at Home Brew.

Although I already knew that they alledgedly gave out schematics... I
began to wonder A: did they really (probably) and B: do any copies exist

I thought it might be a fun project to try an build an Apple 1 from the
schematics... just as the first users probably did. So, does anyone know
if they are available, or does anyone have a copy and might want to send
me a set? Or are copies just as elusive as the Apple 1 itself and there
is no shot in ever getting them.

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