Apple 1 schematics

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Sat Jan 18 16:11:00 2003

chris asks about Apple I schematics.
> Although I already knew that they alledgedly gave out schematics... I
> began to wonder A: did they really (probably) and B: do any copies exist
> anywhere?

A: Yes.
B: Google is your friend.

> I thought it might be a fun project to try an build an Apple 1 from the
> schematics...

It's *extremely* difficult to find some of the Apple I parts, which have
been out of production for over years. Particularly the seven 1024-bit
MOS shift registers, and one hex-40-bit MOS shift register.

> just as the first users probably did.

Not quite, since they had a PCB. (Unless you plan to lay out a PCB
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