Removing duct tape residue.

From: Jarkko Teppo <>
Date: Wed Jan 29 00:50:01 2003

Jeffrey Sharp said:

> that situation three or four times. I fear and HATE bugs. The last time I
> used WD-40 on a wasp, I also emptied an upside-down can of air on it as it
> was dying. The bug had spent the previous *hour* terrifying me.

Next time make it more fun; apply a lit cigarette lighter on the spray just
after the nozzle. Watch wasp burn, take care the plastic nozzle doesn't.

Ah, the stupid things you do as a kid.

On topic: I sometimes remote those nasty stickers that-you-just-can't-remove
by heating them up (carefully) with a cigarette lighter. It works wonders
especially if the sticker is old.

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