Removing duct tape residue.

From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Jan 29 07:56:43 2003

At 08:53 AM 1/29/03 +0200, you wrote:
>On topic: I sometimes remote those nasty stickers that-you-just-can't-remove
>by heating them up (carefully) with a cigarette lighter. It works wonders
>especially if the sticker is old.

    I've found that it really helps if you warm up the sticker and surrounding area and THEN apply your favorite goo remover. The heat definitely helps out. (Don't apply the remover and then try heating it since most of them are flamable.) I use a temperature controlled hot air gun for this sort of thing. In fact, I've found lots of uses for the thing. It's not something that you'd think of as necessary but I've found lots of uses for it. For one thing, it's great for removing parts from circuit boards in a hurry without damaging them or the board.

   Covering the area with aluminium foil after you apply the goo remover helps too. A lot of the removers will evaporate rather quickly and the foil retards the evaporation.

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