Help! need 400k/800k Mac os 6 or 7 diskettes!

From: Eric J. Korpela <>
Date: Thu Oct 9 10:36:28 2003

> >Apple stopped having the drives read and write 400 and 800 k disks a
> >while ago.
> Actually the System does that... I don't remember when though. I
> think it might have been System 8 that stopped reading 400k, I
> remember because I was real mad about not being able to use my PM6500
> to do disks for my 128k, and then I ended up with an iMac and the
> iDock doesn't work under X(until you pull the cable going to the ADB
> and serial that is) but the USB floppy only handles 1.4MB anyway!

Do older external 400k drives work with System 8? I find it hard to
swing a dead cat without hitting a pile of external Mac (or Apple II)
disk drives.

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