Help! need 400k/800k Mac os 6 or 7 diskettes!

From: chris <>
Date: Thu Oct 9 14:46:04 2003

>Do older external 400k drives work with System 8?

I doubt it. I'm pretty sure Apple removed support for 400K disks at the
OS level starting with 8. Although I could be wrong.

> I find it hard to
>swing a dead cat without hitting a pile of external Mac (or Apple II)
>disk drives.

Are you sure they are 400k drives? The platinum colored ones that were
pleantiful and worked with the mac and the IIgs are 800k drives.

If you really find an old external beige 400k drive for the Mac, I'd love
to have it. I have two that are dead and none that work. I'd like one for
one of my 128 Macs.

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