hmm... new batch of search engine mailers :) AND Re: RFQ Flukepods

From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 07:20:21 2003


 Sure, I'll help out. That's only reasonable since I've been one of the
more vocal opponnents to non-member postings. My schedule is sort of
erratic so I can't always promise how quickly I'll review the message but
since they all seem to come from OLD threads I don't see that as a problem.


At 08:21 PM 10/28/03 -0600, you wrote:
>ok, I give.
>When one goes to approve messages, one sees the subject line, not the text
>of the message. If the subject line looks reasonable I pass it. If the
>subject line looks suspect (or the originating email address does) then I
>take the time to click the message and read the full text. I read the entire
>list traffic in my OWN mailbox, so when I go to moderate/approve posts I
>generally have some memory of what went OT and what didn't. But hey, I'm
>human, and make mistakes, and often try to just get through it quickly. I
>was really hoping to not have my moderation tasks take hours instead of
>minutes twice a day.
>In retrospect, this is a bad algorithm on my part. Makes it hard to catch
>originally valid threads that have drifted off topic. I'll just double my
>time moderating. No Problem, time is easy (sarcasm).
>Many times I see non-members post to the list obviously from a google
>search. Many times I sympathize with the guy, looking for something obscure.
>God knows *I'VE* been there. I shouldn't be so free with your guys time to
>delete the posts :) Instead, I'll have to be more free with my time. Thanks
>for letting me know "Artfromny" is a ebay profiteer, I had no clue. I need
>to spend a lot more time scanning ebay and keeping track of this stuff!!
>Ok, enough whiny sarcasm on my part. I'm actually in a heated contest with
>"Grumpy Ol' Fred" to steal his "Grumpy" title *GRIN* But seriously, one list
>member has been kind enough to offer his time to you all to help keep the
>flow of moderated posts going, and to more closely check the content. I
>could always use another person or two to help flag posts as
>"accept/reject/discard". Any takers? Joe, you offering? :)
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