hmm... new batch of search engine mailers :) AND Re: RFQ Fluke pods

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 09:14:22 2003

On Tue, 28 Oct 2003, Jay West wrote:

> ok, I give.

  Yes, you give a great deal - that mainly goes unapprecieated by some of
us (a lot of us) ((most of us))... everybody in the office wants the
thermostat set for thier comfort zone, and wants their music on the MOH on
the phone system... so everybody hates the Facilities person. ;{}

  C'est la vie...

> member has been kind enough to offer his time to you all to help keep the
> flow of moderated posts going, and to more closely check the content. I
> could always use another person or two to help flag posts as
> "accept/reject/discard". Any takers? Joe, you offering? :)

  I am able to do this on an almost daily basis, save when infrequently
travelling - then there might be a day's delay until I can get to a Net

  I volunteer to 'screen' no-subbed posts. What's ironic is that I've
volunteered to do just this, every time this cranky old subject comes up.

  It's really too simple, and every other maillist I belong to has it
pretty well worked out.

 Put the 'listname' in the 'Subject:' field
automagically -

  Provide PROMINENT sub-unsub info (for Lusers to ignore so
we can right properly flame 'em...).

 Tolerate the Googlers - most folks DO NOT KNOW what a mailing list is or
how it works, so yes, they think they're replying to an e-mail - how else
would they know??? You guys who are so down on every one of these type
posts are getting just a bit old-net-school elitist and curmudgeonly...
just DELETE the damn things and get on with your life... it's not like
there a hundred posts a day - "I saw your message about VCF 1 and I'd like
to know where it is and..."

  Be vigilant for the 'abusers' - guys who are trolling us looking for
merchandise, rather than collectors of sincere people with a legacy
computing problem we can help solve, or with some choice gear they'd
otherwise be dumpstering ("skipping"??).

  Just lighten up a bit - It's Only a Hobby. (C'ept for maybe Sellam...)

 More 200 Millidollars from

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