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From: J.C. Wren <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 18:41:54 2003

        I have my own take on people selling in this list, which isn't anywhere near
as extreme as Sellams. I think it's perfectly OK for people with commercial
equipment to *occasionally* post a list, or a link to their site, *providing*
the equipment for sale is relevant to the charter of the list.

        There's a lot of vintage gear in the hands of people who are commercial
salvage ops, etc. The more exposed those of us who are not commercial
entities, or who don't have the "ins" that some people have to these people,
the better. I'll cheerfully buy a PDP-8/e from a commercial dealer as
quickly as I would a list member (assuming it's in the ballpark for my thin

        What's important to me is that equipment doesn't get scrapped and trashed.
If a commercial dealer wants to make some money, well, he's got to have a
livelyhood, too. If it keeps a PDP-11/23 from hitting the scrapyard, I'm all
for it.

        I just don't want it to be as intrusive as spam. Limit commercial postings
to once a month, or a criteria that it clearly meets "xyz" requirement.
Firmly apply the 10 year rule, or perhaps a 15 year rule. We don't need 486
mobos by the trailer listed, they're common junk (to me. Others may have
differing opinions, but I'm talking about mine). Better, require someone
who's posting commercial bans to clearly put it [Commercial] in the subject,
so the hyperphobic on the list can filter it. Drop the user if they fail to
put the [commercial] tag in.

        I personally thought some people were a little over the edge on the PDP-11/23
issue. They certainly wasted a lot more bandwidth than just ignoring it,
which is what I do for posts that don't interest me. I don't care if it's on
eBay, QVC, or the local newspaper, the point is if someone can save an old
machine, that's the priority. You have eBay-phobia? Put a damn filter in
your mail to delete all posts with '*item=' That way, you'll never
have to look at another post regarding eBay. If you're going to be
self-contradictive and don't filter, then don't bitch about posts like that.

        Just save the hardware.


On Wednesday 29 October 2003 18:54 pm, Jay West wrote:
> This guy asked nicely to join the list.. I asked him what he collects and
> below is the response I got. As I said before, I don't intend to post these
> kinds of emails to the list, but this one I'm a little torn on and not sure
> what to do. Do you guys think this person should be on the list? Let him on
> with a warning? I'm kinda leaning towards "no", but... You guys tell me!
> Jay
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> From: "Bill Rowe" <>
> To: "Jay West" <>
> Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2003 4:56 PM
> Subject: RE: membership to your mailing list
> > hi jay,
> >
> > i buy/sell surplus computer and test and measurement equipment so i have
> > a warehouse full of vintage stuff such as......
> >
> > _ industrial computer source model 8630-rm-8mb
> > _ ibm 7015
> > _ texas micro systems 3014
> > _ digital technology dti-5750 fddi network analyzer
> > _ proteon p4200-31
> > _ american automation ez-pro development system aa545/546 68k in circuit
> > emulator
> > _ dec microvax II
> > _ force computers teraforce-2ce model summa 4 tera
> > _ magnetic peripherals removable storage drive
> > _ zenith vsb modulator
> > _ nortel fmt-150c fiber multiplex terminal
> > _ tekelec
> > _ radisys
> > _ first pacific networks telephone interface unit model tiu178
> > _ bellcore network services test unit
> > _ tau-tron
> >
> >
> > to name a few. thnax.
> >
> > bill
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