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From: John Lawson <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 18:54:36 2003

  I'd just tell him that the List is for collectors / hobbyists, and while
surplusers and dealers on the list being subscribed is not a bad thing
per-se, he should understand that we are not businessmen or brokers, so if
he offers Stuff it should be on that basis, and not to troll the LIst with
items outside the charter - then welcome him aboard.

  Maybe he forgot about the room full of PDP-6s that he's had in storage
for 20 years... it happens!

  Same goes for the rest of the "Dealer" folks - as long as they stick to
our guidelines and don't abuse anyone - then I think they'd be a very
valuable source of potential 'finds' - after all - these are the people
who are aout all day dealing in used and surplus gear... a lot of them,
one I have known for 35 years... won't even consider Minis and that class
of gear because it's heavy and no-one wants the stuff anymore... so they
all dont' even bother bidding. Many beautiful machines have gone to scrap
therefore... ;{

   My 2 centz


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