PCjr goes for over $150

From: James Rice <jrice54_at_charter.net>
Date: Sun Sep 7 18:27:00 2003

I've always liked the Tandy better. With 3-5 ISA slots and using
standard half-height floppy's, it was pretty expandable. I ran a
company on three 1000SX's networked with arcnet and outfitted with 10-30
mb hard drives until 1992. I paid $2700 each for the SX's in 1985.
They each had 384mb ram, 2 floppys, memory plus boards, digimouse/clock
boards, a 12" CGA monitor, no hard drive and one DMP-130A printer. I
paid $375 for enough 256mb chips to upgrade all hem to 640k. I later
paid $1000 each for three 10mb hard drives. I was running a DOS
accounting package that I used until I upgraded to 486's with WFWG 3.11
in 1993. I still have two of them, a 1000HD that I was given and a
1000SL that I paid a buck for at a surplus shop. All have original
Tandy CM-11 monitors, two are on my home network with 10BaseT cards and
one has a 286Express turbo board. I still have one of the original 10mb
external hard drives but lost the controller for it. As I remember,
Tandy 1000's used a non-standard IRQ for the hard drive controller. The
strange IRQ, the female serial ports, the card edge parallel port and
and the Tandy 1000 only keyboard were the strangest thing about them.

TeoZ wrote:

>Which was the better machine, the pcjr or the tandy 1000 clone?
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