PCjr goes for over $150

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Date: Sun Sep 7 19:25:00 2003

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spectre_at_floodgap.com writes:
> I got about half that about 4 years ago from a complete pcjr package deal
> with some reference books.
> guess I better email the winner and offer him a pcjr box that I found on
> side of the road just last year <?> and a jr monitor still in the box, heh.

Hey, my unit has some extra RAM and the parallel port expansion. Wonder
what he'd pay for those? ;-)

Never mind, I actually *like* the PCjr. It's an intriguing orphan.
it's not bad. Mostly bought by IBMers I'm sure. I've got lots of jr stuff.
Now that I'm moving my entire collection to the house, I hope to find all the
parts to connect up the jr hard drive to see if it actually works.
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