Need Covalent Terminal info

From: Paul Williams <>
Date: Mon Sep 8 11:06:00 2003

John Lawson wrote:

> I have a Covalent Systems model 1410 terminal, which I bought at
> Weirdstuff last VCF, because cosmetically it *looks* like a VT100...
> anyway it was cheap and it works, but it appears not to emulate any known
> DEC CRT in it's present configuration, and the two sets of dipswitches
> on the back are cleverly un-marked.

If there are ten switches in each pack, on different sides of the RS232
connectors at the back, then this might be a re-badged TeleVideo 950. If
you're looking at the back of the terminal, the righthand dipswitches
control comms parameters, and the left set control things like key click
and local editing.

For a quick test, see if switch six (counting from the left) on the
lefthand switch pack controls reverse video.

- Paul
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