SVGA with DE9

From: chris <>
Date: Mon Sep 8 11:02:56 2003

>Do you mean "DB9" connectors?

I was under the impression that the small D shell size was an "E" not a
"B". That "B" was the larger size commonly found on 25 pin connectors
(lets not split hairs here, everyone knows what I mean by 25 pin
connector... ie: a common PC parallel connector, or the larger serial
connector, or a Mac SCSI connector).

I used to call it a DB9, but I was corrected many moons ago by others on
this list with FAR more knowledge on the topic than I have, so I took
them at their word, and have made an effort to always refer to it as a
DE9 now.

I suppose the HD15 "VGA" connector would then be a DE15. And a DB9 would
be a "25 pin" shell with only 9 actual pins in it (9 pin spaces, as from
what I understand the count is based on number of spaces, not actual
number of pins present).

Hopefully we will avoid the whole "whats a
"centronics/amphenol/telco/SCSI" connector called" discussion. That one
really makes my head spin :-)

But I am curious what the Sun monitor connector is called (that one that
is a DB shell with 3 large barrel pins as well as some smaller pins).

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