Gawd damn bugs!

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Wed Sep 10 20:47:00 2003

On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, Joe wrote:

> I have a couple of close friends in the exterminating business. Let me
> tell you, there's NOTHING that's truely effective on termites anymore
> since the EPA took Clorodane off the market. The replacement chemicals
> costs over $80/gallon (wholesale!) and you have to use it full strength
> instead of dilluting it. Even then it is marginal and the area has to be
> retreated every two years.
> Score another success for the bugs and the EPA!

And the lumber industry...gotta keep us buying more wood... Maybe the
lumber industry paid for the EPA studies? ;)

I think my next home will be made of concrete block.

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