Needed - VT terminal

From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Fri Sep 12 11:41:00 2003

Christopher Cureau wrote:

>Does anyone have a spare VT220, 320 or 420 that they'd be willing to part
>with? My 320 just bit the dust...very inconvenient time, too, since I was
>about to install my brand new OpenVMS hobbyist... :(
Burned out the flyback transformer, I'll bet. Most common
failure I saw on those. Apparently they used a really cheap transformer.

>Failing that, does anyone know how I can interface another kind of terminal
>to my MicroVAX 3100? It's got the MMJ connector on it...maybe if I could
>send the output to a wyse 60 that I have lying around...
MMJ is just another RS-232 connector. You can easily buy/build adapters
to connect up a 25-pin connector. BlackBox sells them, for example, but
they are more expensive there than from other places.

VT terminals are also available from many places for very little.
Just check ebay for example.
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