Price Check on Aisle 5

From: steve <>
Date: Mon Sep 15 11:24:00 2003

--- chris <> wrote:
> Is there a good place to check for the value of some
> of this stuff? And
> not just the value in terms of what its worth IF you
> can find a buyer...
> but also value in terms of will it sell at all? (It
> doesn't do me much
> good if something is "worth" $100, but no one really
> wants to buy it
> right now).

You have conflicting requirements, if you are
interested in the price it will get today, then thats
an auction price which varies day by day.

If you are interested in what the price would be if it
were, say, for sale in an online antique store, thats
a different, but generally more stable (and higher)
price. But you couldn't sell it today.

You are asking for a stable price that can sell today,
sorry, that doesn't exist.
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