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Date: Mon Sep 15 11:31:00 2003

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Subject: Price Check on Aisle 5

> Where is a good resource to find out saleable values of classic computer
> hardware? I know eBay isn't really all that great because it isn't
> consistent enough. What goes for $5 today may go for $500 tomorrow, and
> then not sell at all the next day.
> Like many others, I'm painfully short on money right now, and I've just
> lost my storage area, so I can't hang on to things much longer. So I'm
> trying to find out what is worth what, so I know what to try to sell,
> versus give away, versus throw away (I'm already making the tough
> decision on what to keep, but that's not really based on monetary value
> so much as personal value to me).
> Is there a good place to check for the value of some of this stuff? And
> not just the value in terms of what its worth IF you can find a buyer...
> but also value in terms of will it sell at all? (It doesn't do me much
> good if something is "worth" $100, but no one really wants to buy it
> right now).
> -chris
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