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Date: Mon Sep 15 13:25:00 2003

On Mon, 15 Sep 2003, chris wrote:

> I could have simply asked what is a 128k Mac worth, but since that is
> just the item of *right now* and I have 4 offices full of similar items I

Michael Nadeau's book lists it anywhere from $50 to $700. It depends on
what it has with it. Is it in good cosmetic condition? Does it work?
Flawlessly? What software does it come with? The original system disks?
The original manuals? In good condition? Does it still have the original
box? In good condition? And all the packaging material? How about

The last consideration is, what is the significance of this historically,
and how should that translate into dollars?

I would say a nice, fully functional original Mac with all the original
manuals, software and components, is worth around $250-$300. They are
not all that rare, but are becoming harder to find, especially in working
condition. As I start to put together more and more displays of working
old computers for various functions, I am really starting to appreciate
the rarity of a nice system in fully functioning condition, and the effort
involved in bringing together all the parts to make a complete, working
display. It takes a lot of time, especially if something is dodgy, like
the disk drive.

Add the original box and packaging and the price would definitely go to
$500 to a buyer who was interested in a very nice example for their
collection to preserve and cherish.

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