sanyo lat-200a.

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Sep 29 15:11:45 2003

At 05:46 PM 9/29/03 +0200, you wrote:
>> what 'passive backplane' should do?

  There's no active components on the "backplane". OK there mayu be a few
LEDs of something to show presense of power but no vital components vital
to the system. The S-100 backplanes are a good example. The CPU, system
memory, video circuits, I/O ports etc are all on plug in cards.

>> provide power from PSU?

  Usually but not always.

>> what will happen if i stick this into a normal pc?

   Both CPUs (and bus drivers, clocks, etc) will try to drive the buss
simultanously and one of them will lose in a spectacular way!

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