Compucolor items on eBay

From: Chandra Bajpai <>
Date: Sun Aug 1 07:35:32 2004

The compucolor II was the system I lusted after when I was a kid...but
my dad bought a TRS-80 instead.

Are there any CompuColor II manuals or emulators on line?
I heard there are quirks to the CompuColor Hardware - like the screen
buffer is actually used during floppy I/O.


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(Oops, I mistakenly posted this earlier under the wrong subject.

FYI: A couple of old Compucolor (Intelligent Systems Corporation) items
on eBay:

(External floppy drive)

Man, I wish I still had my Compucolor II and all the software I had
written for it; I stupidly disposed of all of it back in 1985. It was a
flimsily-made computer, but it was my first microcomputer and I really
loved it. Hopefully, comeone on this list will be able to put these
items to use. I have no connection with the seller; I have a watch out
on eBay just in case a Compucolor II comes up for bidding at a
reasonable price...

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